Mummy, It smells!

I was asked recently why I created a children's pinafore apron, and the answer is this....

We first moved to a small village in Hampshire 27 years ago. Our cottage, in fact two cottages, that needed near total renovation to be put back into one house. Very quickly we seemed to accumulate 2 more children, dogs, a cat, chickens and ducks so life was busy and generally quite chaotic but we were living the dream, having moved from London to the countryside. Both my husband and I had been brought up in the country and it was something that we wanted for our family.

When our children were small they loved doing cooking and craft and grubbing around in the garden. Although I admit it wasn't always me that did it with them, as I was lucky enough to have some wonderful au pairs over the years. But when we did any 'messy' stuff they put on lovely bright plastic aprons, that had been given to them by kind godparents, friends or relations to protect clothes from sticky cake mix or paint or anything else that involved getting filthy. Afterward the aprons would be wiped down and hung on the back of the kitchen door ready for the next time.

However, as you know, plastic aprons can be quite stiff and uncomfortable to sit down in. If you spill any thing down them it tends to end up in a puddle on the floor or on any bit of clothing that is not protected by the apron. I never managed to wash mine successfully, and they were never the same when they had been through the machine. But worse still, over time they seem to acquire that sort of 'old dishcloth musty smell. Don't even start me on bibs ....

Hence the Tablier children's apron. It is so soft and easy to wear. The design has done away with ties around the waist and as it is just popped on over the head any savvy child can learn to put it on in a second. Linen is a remarkable and durable fabric, that washes well again and again and gets softer over time. While my children couldn't wait to take off their aprons (if they agreed to put one on in the first place) I have had it on very good authority that the owners of a Tablier apron often forget that they are even wearing one so it stays on all day.

Win Win.

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