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Tablier Designs

Tablier Designs will be attending the following events during 2022.  I often have bespoke or one off items that are not on my website at fairs.

On Line Summer Fair 20th June to 3rd July.  I will be joining 50 other fantastic small independent businesses for this online fair.  Each offering a discount.  Head over to the website to have a look.

West End Flower Festival, Froyle, Hampshire 25th June

RDA Autumn Fair, Newbury 20th - 21st September.

Dummer Fair, Hampshire  12 - 13th October

Elstree School Gift Fair, 21st October

Wincanton Christmas Fair, 22nd November 

Clems Christmas Fair 25th and 26th November, Tisbury Wiltshire.

Plus a number of other Fairs, which are yet to be confirmed.

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