Each Apron is hand embroidered with one of four designs, (Butterfly, Snail, Tractor or Ladybird) and made from 100% linen.  The design, with no ties, makes it easy for a child to put on and take off without help. The back strap is fastened with a button, which allows you to adjust strap length. The pocket is double-stitched for strength and durability.


So comfortable that it can be worn at any time to help keep clothes clean and reduce your washing.  Ideal for cooking, meal times, craft, gardening and generally being busy.  


Ideal for a 3 - 5 year old, but I can do other sizes to suit.

Children's Apron

  • Every child's apron is unique, the pleasing and practical design has no ties allowing the apron to be put on and taken off easily. 

    The apron comes in one size, with buttons at the back to allow the strap length to be adjusted. If you require a smaller or larger size, please get in touch and we will be happy to accommodate. 

    Each apron has a single pouch pocket with the hand embroidered design, made from 100% linen and recommended to be washed at 30C.