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Linen - The luxury, sustainable fabric that lasts forever

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Linen is made from Flax, one of the oldest continuously grown crops in the world.  It is of no surprise that the ancient Egyptians used it for clothing and wrapped their mummies in linen bandages, a sign of the high regard it was held in.  Flax is grown widely in Europe and every part of the plant is used.  Even the roots are left in the soil to improve productivity and cleanse the soil. Flax requires no irrigation, fertiliser or herbicides or pesticides therefore, does not pollute rives or groundwater.

The process of making Linen from flax could be undertaken in the home and in the 18th Century households would grow enough Flax in order to have enough linen for clothing, bed linen and domestic textiles (such as aprons!).

Today 70% of the worlds linen production comes from the European Union.  The process of making the fabric is eco-friendly and is the least water and energy intensive part of a linen garments lifecycle.  

While still regarded as a luxury fabric Linen has many benefits.  The more it is worn and washed the softer the fabric becomes, so your beautiful Tablier Apron will last for many years and become and much cherished friend.  

Linseed (linen) growing

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