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Are you beach ready?

No, not bikini ready, you look fabulous as you are. What I mean is are you beach ready? Have you got the Tupperware, the beach bag, the picnic basket, swimming towels and a really good book?

I can't help with all of these but I am able to help you with a few .....

1. Smelly tired Tupperware can be revived by giving it a good wash in warm soapy water and a bit of bicarbonate of soda. If beyond redemption you can go budget with Lidl or splash out at Lakeland.

2. Beach bags and picnic baskets; there are literally hundreds to choose from, so take your pick, but do remember no plastic, buy from a small producer and preferably one that is made in the UK. Head to a website like the Online Christmas Fair, who have a directory of brilliant small businesses and can point you in the right direction. (

3. Beach Towels. Now, here is where I can really help you. I now stock the most fabulous Hammam towels. Made from the softest thick linen in a range of wonderful colours. These towels are a generous size (90 x 145) and are super absorbent. The added bonus of these towels is that they dry really quickly and I can even embroider them with initials, name or house name if you want. Even better is that they do not have to be consigned to 'Beach Towel' status. I use them as bath towels, particularly in the summer when we tend to have more people coming through the house and the thought of washing endless thick bath towels is depressing, but you can literally put 5 of these in the wash at any one go and no need to iron!

4. A Good Book. I recently read Darling by India Knight. It is light, funny and well written, perfect for the beach. If you want something a little more gritty and thought provoking then I would highly recommend The Mountains Sing by Nguyen Pan Que Mai. We took this book on holiday last year and after I finished it my two daughters and my son read it and all enjoyed it, so a good endorsement I feel.

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