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Banana Cake

I often make a Banana Cake when I have any 'past their best' bananas. I am not a fan of a soggy banana and so this is a good way to use them up. It freezes really well and defrosts quickly, especially if cut into slices before freezing.

(Due to having a gluten free daughter I often make this with gluten free flour and it works well.)


2 over ripe bananas

8 oz caster sugar

8 oz unsalted butter

4 eggs

8 oz of Self Raising Flour

1 tsp Baking Powder

1 tsp Bicarbonate Soda


Cream together butter and sugar, until light and fluffy. Slowly add in the beaten eggs. Next add in the flour and baking powder. Mash the bananas with the bicarbonate and then add these to the cake mix.

Pour into a well greased (and lined?) large loaf tin. Often have a bit of mixture left over so I make a few muffins. These I tend to use as a taste test when they come out of the oven!

Bake in oven, I have a 4 door aga so use the bottom right oven on the shelf half way down, but bake at your normal cake baking temperature. I set the timer for 25 minutes and then check to see if golden and firm to touch.

Tip out onto a wire rack to cool. Eat or freeze as soon as possible as it is always best to eat on day of baking!

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